Navigating a new path of development

Publication Year: 2015

Author(s): Dr Rajendra K Pachauri


The Intended Nationally Determined Contributions made public by the Government of India is an extremely ambitious and important document, the full potential and significance of which perhaps even the Government has not realised. If, for instance, the country has to achieve the target of 175 gigawatt of renewable energy based capacity in 2022, this would require some radical and major changes across the entire economy. The emphasis on energy efficiency incorporated in the INDC does not merely involve a shift to a more efficient pathway of energy production and use but should rightly be accompanied by more efficient use of all resources. Most importantly, the INDC gives India an opportunity to define a path of development distinctly different from that followed in other countries, particularly those of the developed world. For populous countries like China and India to follow that path would not only be disastrous for the planet and all species that thrive on it, but would have very negative consequences for India itself.

Source: Pioneer

Publisher/Organisation: CMYK Printech Ltd