What's missing in this year's budget?

Publication Year: 2016

Author(s): Dr Rajendra K Pachauri


It would perhaps be correct to say that if the government's annual budget does not invite severe criticism or lavish praise then it is probably a well-balanced exercise. If there is serious criticism, then there has to be a basis for it, and similarly if a budget generates euphoria then it is bound to lead to disillusionment sooner or later, because the annual budget of any government cannot lead to any miracles. In this respect finance minister P Chidambaram's budget this year can be regarded as a good effort, which builds on the healthy rates of growth achieved in the Indian economy and also provides enhanced funding of social sector programmes that unfortunately have historically not received the attention they deserve. In this effort, however, quite expectedly a large share of resources have been allocated to the UPA government's so-called eight flagship programmes.

Source: The Economic Times

Publisher/Organisation: Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd