Research Papers

Some early next steps

Publication Year: 1998

Author(s): Rajendra K Pachauri


Between Geneva and Kyoto, the world has witnessed a great deal of sparring activity between the different pugilists involved in the process. Even among the Annex I countries, sharp divisions did emerge, which, in some sense, detracted from the path that appeared to have been established in Berlin and Geneva. The largest differences that were observed between Geneva and Kyoto, particularly in the pre-Kyoto preparatory stage, rested on the different perceptions that Europe and the US had on the extent of commitments for emissions reductions that should be accepted, and which should take place in the years following the Third Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP-3) at Kyoto. Perhaps it would seem unfair to blame the US for not taking a more aggressive stance in accepting significant commitments on emissions reductions, particularly in line with those that were advocated by the European Union (EU), but this problem was one that the US had, to a great extent, let itself into.

Source: Climate Change Post Kyoto Perspective from the South: 139-152p.

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