Research Papers

The Economics of Climate Change: A developing country perspective

Publication Year: 1993

Author(s): Rajendra K Pachauri


The debate on effective and efficient measures for meeting the threat of climate change is likely to continue for many years. The Framework Convention on Climate Change, on which agreement was reached at Rio in June 1992, provides a very broad framework for actions that need to be taken in protecting the planet and its living species from the threat of climate change. But specific measures that are required to be taken by both developed and developing countries would continue to be the subject of further negotiations. It is hoped that some of the contentious issues involved in this process will be resolved as early as possible and also that innovative solutions would be designed, agreed on and implemented in a manner that conserves global resources, an aspect that becomes increasingly important in an era of growing globalisation and interdependence of economic activities.

Source: International Conference on the Economics of Climate change, OCDE/GD(93)86

Publisher/Organisation: OECD