Research Papers

Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

Publication Year: 1989

Author(s): Rajendra K Pachauri


The relationship between energy, environment and economic development is analysed to throw light on how economic development can take place in a sustainable manner. Reference is made to the greenhouse effect and the problem of increased concentration of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere. Environmental costs of energy intensive paths pursued in the past are discussed and a framework presented to suggest a shift in patterns of development whereby environmental costs can be minimised without compromising development. Restructuring of present growth patterns would require changes in the mix of economic activities and transfer of resources from one set of countries to the other for achieving globally optimal solutions. It is concluded that the problem of population growth which could be a major determinant of increased energy consumption, can only be solved through a removal of poverty. On a global basis, therefore, transfer of resources and technologies must be directed at the removal of poverty in the developing countries. This would require a vision of global welfare which transcends narrow considerations of national or local benefits.

Source: IFAC Proceedings, Vol 22 ( 17):131-136p.

Publisher/Organisation: ScienceDirect