Research Papers

Initiatives for an Asian energy market: perspectives from India

Publication Year: 2001

Author(s): Rajendra K Pachauri, P Mehrotra


The world energy market is likely to undergo major changes ahead. Developing regions would account for 70% of the increase in the world demand for oil between now and 2020. Of it, 45% comes from China, India and the rest of Asia. Hence, this region will be of extreme importance in the stabilization of the world oil market. With larger supplies from the OPEC countries, gas is expected to play a greater role in fuel mix. Also, Asian countries will be the biggest contributors to the growth in demand for coal. With capacity expansion hardly agreeable, the world’s nuclear power production will peak around 2010, then turn downward.

Source: In Proceedings of SPEC 2001 (Symposium on Pacific Energy Cooperation): Energy Security in Asia, 331-356p. [Japan, 20-21 February 2001]

Publisher/Organisation: IEEJ