Short Communications

The census of India and other such stars on the Indian scene

Publication Date: 4 April 2011

Author(s): Rajendra K Pachauri


The 2011 census results have been made public, and there is a reason for concern on some aspects of what has been revealed and mild satisfaction in other areas. The increase in the percentage of those who are literate represents an appreciable gain even though in this day and age one would have liked to see literacy at the level of 100 percent. The rate of growth of the population as a whole has gone down, but on this basis projections would lead to our country getting even more overcrowded than it is. The one area of deep anguish and shame is the totally unfavourable gender issue which provides a very poor commentary on the values and principles of Indian society. I wish TERI was in a position to influence thinking in those regions where the census results in this regard are most deplorable, but unfortunately, this is an area in which I cannot come up with any pointers on what we can do. If others in TERI have some bright ideas, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you on how TERI could make a difference in correcting this set of shameful statistics in the future. 

Publisher/Organisation: TERI

Source: TERI Intranet