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DG Blog, March 15, 2011

Publication Date: 15 March 2011

Author(s): Rajendra K Pachauri


I had gone to Coimbatore for three functions and then on to Bangalore to take part in the Vision Retreat of our Southern Regional Centre at Bangalore. This is the first time that the Bangalore centre has held a Retreat of this nature and I learnt a great deal by listening to colleagues there and interacting with them. The one perception that I acquired during our discussions there is that we in New Delhi need to treat our regional presence far more seriously. If we do not ensure proper interaction and linking up for a range of activities, our regional centres will be left rudderless, and will not really be part of TERI’s mainstream. I shall provide details of several very useful suggestions that I received from colleagues there, but I want to highlight what I feel TERI should be in the future. As we have discussed earlier, much of the expansion of TERI will have to take place outside the National Capital Region on account of physical limitations here and also to see that we assume an essential regional character in our activities, which is highly relevant in the federal structure that India is. However, efforts in these locations will have to be effectively coordinated, and TERI must emerge and be seen as an institute that is pan-India in character and all its activities, quite apart from its global reach. One development that we have to create urgently is to link all our regional centres with effective audio visual connectivity. It is also essential for us to see that we interact regularly with colleagues on a structured and planned basis. This is something that Directors and Area Convenors will have to make a part of their normal functioning. 

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