Short communications

DG Blog, January 12, 2011

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   January 12, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

The Delhi Sustainable Development Summit is round the corner, and I am happy to see that over a period of ten years this event has evolved into a major gathering which attracts attention from a large number of leaders drawn from different professions...

DG Blog, December 31, 2010

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   December 31, 2010

Source: TERI Intranet

We are now in the final hours of the year 2010, and while one learns from the experiences that we went through in 2010, it is important to look forward to all the challenges that lie ahead in the coming New Year.

DG Blog , December 13, 2010

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   December 13, 2010

Source: TERI Intranet

The 16th Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC which was held in Cancun, Mexico concluded last week with a set of positive outcomes, which do not directly lead to action, but have certainly revived hopes of an acceptable agreement that could...

DG desk, November 09, 2010

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   November 9, 2010

Source: TERI Intranet

The visit of President Obama and his wife has dominated the news in India for quite some time now. Those who have been with the President’s entourage during this period have noticed a visible change in his mood.

DG desk, October 08, 2010

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   October 8, 2010

Source: TERI Intranet

I have not been able to write anything of value for the Intranet for sometime now. However I wanted to bring to your attention the story of a simple farmer in China who has become an environmental activist. How I got to know about him is because he h...

DG Blog, September 07, 2010

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   September 7, 2010

Source: TERI Intranet

There are several important occasions which should remind us of our role as citizens of planet earth and our responsibility to all species and all human beings. We

DG desk , August 09, 2010

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   August 9, 2010

Source: TERI Intranet

There was a book which I possessed on the management of Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) authored by Peter Drucker. I used to read portions of that book quite regularly, and particularly some of the case studies of remarkable NPOs that Peter Drucker h...

DG desk, July 08, 2010

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   July 8, 2010

Source: TERI Intranet

I have been on two exciting trips in the last few days. The first was a visit for a few hours to the Shanghai Expo, which is a remarkable accomplishment and an impressive display of diversity that marks global society and the sophistication of techno...