Short communications

Do we lack ambition for a solar energy future

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   June 8, 2012

Source: TERI Intranet

As some of you are aware the IPCC in May 2011 brought out a Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation. Somehow this comprehensive piece of work did not get the kind of attention that it deserved.

Activities related to human health

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   May 15, 2012

Source: TERI Intranet

TERI has been working on a number of issues which have a very close nexus with human health. Colleagues might remember that in the GREEN India 2047 study we had actually come up with an estimate of 2.5 million people dying annually in India as a resu...

The need for all round excellence within TERI

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   April 19, 2012

Source: TERI Intranet

This is a period when I carry out the annual appraisal of TERI colleagues. This whole exercise is also a learning experience for me, because I get acquainted with all the initiatives in hand which colleagues have endeavoured to launch.

TERI’s strengths and resolve towards excellence

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   March 19, 2012

Source: TERI Intranet

TERI receives a number of distinguished visitors round the year, and we generally request them to sign our visitors’ book. I always treat their comments as personal even though they are undoubtedly available for anyone in TERI to read. However, these...

A new opportunity in Kuwait

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   February 22, 2012

Source: TERI Intranet

I have just come back from a one day trip to Kuwait where we signed a contract with the Kuwait Oil Corporation (KOC) for cleaning up oil contaminated soil in Kuwait. This is by far the largest project that TERI would be executing, and certainly the m...

Effective Communication of Research Based Knowledge

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   January 23, 2012

Source: TERI Intranet

The month of January this year has seen unusually cold weather not only in North India but even in the South. A single season or isolated weather event does not in any way reflect any link with human induced climate change.

Looking beyond the fog of Doom & Gloom

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   December 26, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

I am reminded of a good friend from the World Bank with whom we used to organize an annual training programme at the Administrative Staff College of India in Hyderabad. His contention was that he had a difficult time convincing Indians that they were...

Creating professional opportunities for TERI's development

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   November 22, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

During the meeting that I had arranged with Directors and Area Convenors on October 28, 2011, I had emphasized the need for us to be proactive and visionary in developing opportunities that would be of value to the Institute in the future. I can only...

Let's count our blessings

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   October 25, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

While there is considerable basis for all of us to feel deeply offended by the extent of corruption in this country and the upsurge of protests spearheaded by Anna Hazare, we should also count some of our recent achievements as a nation, for which th...

What ails India’s Parliamentary Democracy

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   September 23, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

The Indian parliamentary system has evolved since Independence through phases which at times create despair and even disgust as well as periods when your faith in the system is fully restored. The whole set of developments related to Mr Anna Hazare’s...