Short communications

A tribute to Mr Darbari Seth

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   August 18, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

I am writing these few words on the occasion of our Tenth Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture. We try to organize this lecture close to Mr Darbari Seth's birthday which falls on the 21st of August.

Is the world really flat!

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   August 1, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

I have had some interesting experiences in recent days which support Thomas Friedman’s view of the world being flat, but at the same time highlight the huge gap that exists between India’s technological capabilities and activities and those of the de...

Lester Brown: The missionary of change

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   July 18, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

One brilliant thinker and productive professional that I have a great deal of respect for is Prof. Lester R Brown. Lester is the founder of the Worldwatch Institute which he established in 1974 after a career in the U.S. Government as an agricultural...

Asia's self interest : Protecting the global commons

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   July 4, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has brought out a thought-provoking publication called Asia 2050. Last week a meeting was held in Manila to discuss this publication in a forum called the “Asia Wise Persons’ Group”.

Towards a renewable energy future

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   June 3, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

One of the most significant events that I have been associated with this month was the release of IPCC’s Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation.

This season of appraisals and financial target setting

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   April 25, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

This is the period of the year when colleagues in TERI generally experience two sets of concerns. The first deals with the appraisal process and its outcome in terms of rewards for each individual.

The census of India and other such stars on the Indian scene

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   April 4, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

The 2011 census results have been made public, and there is a reason for concern on some aspects of what has been revealed and mild satisfaction in other areas. The increase in the percentage of those who are literate represents an appreciable gain e...

DG Blog, March 15, 2011

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   March 15, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

I had gone to Coimbatore for three functions and then on to Bangalore to take part in the Vision Retreat of our Southern Regional Centre at Bangalore. This is the first time that the Bangalore centre has held a Retreat of this nature and I learnt a g...

DG Desk, February 26, 2011

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   February 26, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

I accompanied the Secretary General of the United Nations to Los Angeles on Monday the 21st, and we spent an entire day in tinsel town, essentially to engage what the UN Secretary General and his staff referred to as the “creative community”.

DG Desk, February 11, 2011

  •  Rajendra K Pachauri  |   February 11, 2011

Source: TERI Intranet

I am very happy to have seen four comments from colleagues on my write up of 11th February on the intranet. The important thing to remember is that we should never accept the unfortunate existence of corruption as something incurable.