Research papers

Is there a nexus with global climate change?

  •   Rajendra K Pachauri  |    2003

Source: UN Chronicle 39 (4): 58-60p.

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Alternative energy sources

  •   Rajendra K Pachauri, Pooja Mehrotra  |    2001

Source: 2020 Focus 7 (Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Food), Brief 8 of 9, August 2001

Food security for a growing population cannot be attained without the elimination of rural poverty.

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Transforming the energy sector: Towards new governance structures

  •   Rajendra K Pachauri  |    2001

Source: International Journal of Regulation and Governance Vol 1(1), pp. 69-78p.

Governance issues related to the energy sector are complex and are assuming increasing importance with respect to sustainability of natural resources. This paper discusses the birth of the concept of independent regulation in the US, the two streams...

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Seeking refuge from environment: paradox of environmental refugees

  •   Rajendra K Pachauri, Qureshi Lubina F, Nesamani K S  |    2001

Source: Population Development Nexus in India: challenges for the new millennium,: 64-375p. edited by K Srinivasan and M Vlasoff

This paper looks at factors that lead to the emergence of environmental refugees, why this type of migration is of concern and in that context, the estimates of environmental refugees, and the problems likely to be associated with this type of migrat...

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Initiatives for an Asian energy market: perspectives from India

  •   Rajendra K Pachauri, P Mehrotra  |    2001

Source: In Proceedings of SPEC 2001 (Symposium on Pacific Energy Cooperation): Energy Security in Asia, 331-356p. [Japan, 20-21 February 2001]

The world energy market is likely to undergo major changes ahead. Developing regions would account for 70% of the increase in the world demand for oil between now and 2020. Of it, 45% comes from China, India and the rest of Asia. Hence, this region w...

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Industry on the up

  •   Rajendra K Pachauri  |    2000

Source: World Coal Vol. 9 (2): 8-12p.

Coal is India's major fuel for commercial energy. The coal industry, therefore, has an important role in the economic development of the country, and its efficiency and vibrancy is essential to India's economic growth.

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Energy-Environment Issues in the Developing Countries: Prioritizing Research and Innovation

  •   Rajendra K Pachauri  |    1999

Source: Asian Transport Journal. Midyear Number: 12.1–12.15p.

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India's achievements in energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions

  •   Rajendra K Pachauri, Sudhir Sharma  |    1999

Source: Promoting development while limiting greenhouse gas emissions: trends and baselines: 59-74p.

​Energy plays a central role in India’s development efforts and its mandate to alleviate poverty

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Issues in tariff pricing: future directions for regulation of India's infrastructure sectors

  •   Rajendra K Pachauri  |    1999

Source: Transition to a liberalized environment: experiences and issues in regulation: 54-62p.

The process of setting tariffs and their regulation is governed by a number of consideration, which can be established on the basis of experience in various countries.

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Living With Coal: India's Energy Policy in the 21st Century

  •   Rajendra K Pachauri  |    1999

Source: Journal of International Affairs Vol. 53 (1): 101-115

India's energy sector has been receiving a great deal of attention in recent years, particularly since the signing of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) in 1992.

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